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             SPINTROL mass production programming tool is an offline programming tool. The tool can help users to burn the developed program files (HEX files) into target chips quickly and conveniently. In addition, the tool can also program the user’s security information to the target chip, so as to achieve the security function of the chip.

The main product features are as below:

  •                 Quick and reliable program Flash via SWD interface;
  •                 Intuitive GUI for configuration programming production setup;
  •                 Easily programming without a PC;
  •                 LDC screen help for monitoring and debug;
  •                 Support all current Spintrol devices

The hardware and software resources of the tool are consist of:

  •                 Software resource – SPLink Programmer

  •                 Hardware resource – SPLink hardware device, Socket board or target circuit board, USB cableType A to Type B

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